Piano Recording Studio

Alexandria, MN • Yamaha Grand Piano

About the Studio

Piano Recording StudioKeith's piano recording studio features a Yamaha DC-6 grand piano (6' 10") that he has used for all of his albums. His studio (Northern Heart Music) is available for hire on an hourly or project basis for pianists, songwriters, students, ensembles, and more. He has also recorded piano tracks for other studios, producers and artists needing an authentic live piano sound for their projects.

Piano MicrophonesThe studio consists of the large piano room, a smaller room for vocals and other instruments, and the control room.

Yamaha Grand Piano Recording StudioMicrophone selection and placement is a critical part of creating a piano recording. Keith's approach was influenced by his training in Nashville. He prefers a close micing technique with large diaphram microphones.

Contact Keith to inquire about recording studio rates and scheduling.